Our company offers:


  • one-off and regular residential and commercial cleaning
  • showcase cleaning
  • balconies and terraces cleaning
  • window eco-cleaning

Window cleaning also includes washing of frames and sills.



<10 m2  10-20 m2  20-50 m2  >50 m2
window cleaning  14 Czk/ m2 12 Czk/ m2 10 Czk/ m2 individual
window eco-cleaning 20 Czk/ m2 18 Czk/ m2 16 Czk/ m2 individual
showcase cleaning 12 Czk/ m2
10 Czk/ m2 individual
balconies and terraces cleaning 10 Czk/ m2 Czk/ m2 Czk/ m2 individual

The final price depends on the level of dirtiness and the amount of work.

Minimal order amount is 250 Czk.

If the order amount is more than 1000 Czk you get 10% discount.